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Asbestos Decontamination and Removal.

Managing hazardous material is a serious responsibility – and in the light of the Control of Asbestos at Work 2006 regulations, the legal implications of ignoring the problem do not bear considering. Because asbestos is likely to be present in any building constructed or refurbished between 1950 and 1980. All employers and owners or tenants of commercial property need to be aware of their obligations

We handle complex fast-track projects – often in security-sensitive environments - with speed, flexibility and acute attention to quality control and health and safety requirements. We work with clients to minimize disruption and achieve speedy completion through appropriately timed and scheduled work patterns. It is also company policy to establish offices at key sites for the duration of major projects.

We are constantly updating the equipment we use to make the most of the latest technology and operate our own licensed Waste Transfer facility.

By trusting your requirements to us you will draw on a highly trained, knowledgeable and multi-disciplined team who are dedicated to achieving the best possible standards of safety and quality within a realistic budget.